Dr. Sofia J. van Moorsel

Community Ecologist

During my Post-doc with Prof. Andy Gonzalez and Prof. Owen Petchey I study how evolution modifies stability of aquatic (meta)communities. We will set up a Large Experimental Array of Ponds (LEAP) at McGills Gault Nature Reserve in Mont St.- Hilaire. In these ponds (we will have 100 of them!) we will assemble a food web consisting of natural lake water communities and a predatory invasive shrimp species (H. anomala). We will track these communities over this summer and evaluate the impact of environmental stress (acidification and natural heat shocks) on community stability and community evolutionary rescue. In addition we manipulate clonal diversity of D. pulex and track 20 different clones over time.

More updates will follow once the field season has started and the data start coming in. Follow me on Twitter for regular updates and funny field work photos: @sofiavanmoorsel

All about LEAP and the projects carried out in 2016, 2017 and 2018 you can find here.